Carolina Occupational Therapy Hand & Upper Extremity Rehabilitation (Established 1987) specializes in assessment and treatment of all hand and upper extremity (wrist, forearm, elbow, & shoulder) pathology. We treat a diverse population of upper limb dysfunctions. At Carolina Occupational Therapy, patients receive professional, competent care that specifically addresses their individual rehabilitation needs. Our patients receive the highest standards of quality care when their upper extremity rehabilitation is entrusted to the expertise of our staff. Carolina Occupational Therapy has been serving Pitt and surrounding counties for 31 years. We employ multiple certified hand therapists with more cumulative years of treatment experience than any other facility east of Raleigh.

Carolina Occupational Therapy Hand & Upper Extremity Rehabilitation works in conjunction with surgeons/physicians, physician's assistants, and full nurse practitioners in Orthopaedics, Plastics, Rheumatology, Neurology, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, General Practitioners, Pediatrics, Urgent Care, & many other disciplines to deliver the care necessary to restore function and independence.  Please see "ABOUT" for further details.

****According to the patient HEALTHCARE BILL OF


it is YOUR RIGHT to choose your healthcare provider.    

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You shouldn't have to wait for your first appointment.  The ability to achieve optimal outcomes is greatly reduced in certain circumstances when a patient's initial therapy visit is delayed/cannot be scheduled for a week or 2 (click on "DID YOU KNOW?" tab for details). We GUARANTEE timely access to hand/UE therapy services. For emergent situations (post-surgical, certain urgent splints, wounds, & other) we guarantee SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS when requested by MD/PA/NP. Most all other appointments can/will be scheduled within 1-2 business days of referral.  For those persons who do not need an appointment that soon- as determined by referring practitioner - we will schedule as appropriate.

For 99% of our patients, therapy is NOT OPTIONAL. Having served Eastern NC for 32 years, we have seen the changing landscape with regards to financial burden of healthcare.  You are in great HANDS. Please click on the "FINANCES TAB" for detailed information on what we can do to help you, your loved ones, and your patients,,,,,    

We carry the revolutionary PUSH Metagrip Thumb CMC splint for Osteoarthritis (OA) and PUSH Elbow Counterforce Brace (for tennis elbow) in stock. Designed by a CHT in Raleigh, NC and manufactured in Europe, both have proven to be the most effective over-the-counter splints/braces in the country for thumb OA and tennis elbow.  In most cases, with a prescription from your provider, we can file a claim to your insurance and the Metagrip CMC orthosis is usually covered with little to no cost for you.   


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Carolina Occupational Therapy Hand & Upper Extremity Rehabilitation