COVID UPDATE:  Like many other medical facilities, COTHUE remains vigilant to ensure the safety of our patients, their families and significant others, and our staff and their families.  Although most states have listed most COVID restrictions, we continue to employ safe practices/COVID precautions in our clinic.  It is crucial given the significant amount of close face-to-face time spent between our staff members and our patients.  As such, COTHUE is still requiring masks for all persons in our clinic including staff members (when interacting with patients), all patients and their family members/significant others.  We are also still checking temperatures of all aforementioned parties and completing COVID questionnaires with new patients.  Hand washing is also required of patients and staff upon arrival to the clinic and as appropriate thereafter.  We are practicing social distancing where/when we can (which can be hard to do in this setting as it is a lot of "hands-on").

The clinical staff is still disinfecting all applicable equipment.  COTHUE is still operating with a decreased patient census (we are keeping the number of persons in the clinic and waiting room down from pre-COVID levels).  We understand the EVERYBODY has COVID fatigue (including the staff) and are ready to return back to "normal".  However, given that there are still new cases recorded everyday, we feel that it is imperative to err on the side of caution for the well-being of us all.  Thank you for your patience!!!!



Carolina Occupational Therapy Hand & Upper Extremity Rehabilitation (Established 1987) specializes in assessment and treatment of all hand and upper extremity (wrist, forearm, elbow, & shoulder) pathology. We treat a diverse population of upper limb dysfunctions. At Carolina Occupational Therapy, patients receive professional, competent care that specifically addresses their individual rehabilitation needs. Our patients receive the highest standards of quality care when their upper extremity rehabilitation is entrusted to the expertise of our staff. Carolina Occupational Therapy has been serving Pitt and surrounding counties for 31 years. We employ multiple certified hand therapists with more cumulative years of treatment experience than any other facility east of Raleigh.

Carolina Occupational Therapy Hand & Upper Extremity Rehabilitation works in conjunction with surgeons/physicians, physician's assistants, and full nurse practitioners in Orthopaedics, Plastics, Rheumatology, Neurology, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, General Practitioners, Pediatrics, Urgent Care, & many other disciplines to deliver the care necessary to restore function and independence.  Please see "ABOUT" for further details.

****According to the patient HEALTHCARE BILL OF RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES adopted in 1995,

it is YOUR RIGHT to choose your healthcare provider.    

1038 W.H. Smith Blvd.  Unit 101  Greenville, NC  27834 (intersection of W.H. Smith Blvd. & Dickinson Ave.)

Phone: (252) 757-1691     Fax: (888) 430-0123  

Carolina Occupational Therapy Hand & Upper Extremity Rehabilitation