Carolina Occupational Therapy Hand & Upper Extremity Rehabilitation

With everything that may be weighing heavily on our patient's mind, how to pay for healthcare expenses can be a major stressor for them and their families.  For some of our patients, they also have other medical expenses including physician's office visits, surgery, medications, cost of travel, etc.  Some of our patients are out of work temporarily due to injury/disability and that lack of income adds further stress.  The subjects of health insurance (or the lack thereof), the cost of healthcare, and the financial implications/impact of services (that for many are not optional) force many people to forego necessary medical services.  Skilled occupational therapy/hand therapy services can literally mean the difference between dependence and independence.

Carolina Occupational Therapy Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation (COTHUE) is CONSTANTLY joining various insurance networks to ensure that our patients are in-network.  If by chance we are not, we immediately apply for in-network provider status unless prohibited by the companies themselves.  We are in-network providers for the following insurances/networks: MEDICARE, BCBS (ALL), MEDCOST, TRICARE,  UNITED HEALTHCARE, CIGNA, AETNA, HUMANA, ALIGN NETWORKS, CARE IQ, CORVEL.

For those patients with high copays that will require multiple visits, we have custom programs that ensure that you can get the therapy you need AND reduce the stress of your financial responsibilities as determined by your insurance company (subject to demonstration of financial need).  As a courtesy to Vidant Medical Center employees and as a MEDCOST provider, we extend the same benefits to their employees.  For those WITHOUT INSURANCE, we have a flat co-pay plan that is very competitive with most major medical plans.  If you do not have medical insurance, but are expecting your medical bills to be paid via litigation we have a solution for you.  We also partner with KEY HEALTH MEDICAL SOLUTIONS. Key Health is a national company helping personal injury victims access the medical care they need as part of their recovery. They work with thousands of personal injury attorneys and medical providers across the US.  Please contact the front office staff for details.

Through these business relationships, patients receive medical services on a lien or letter of protection basis deferred until the resolution of your personal injury case.    If a balance due is expected we offer interest free financing with the most generous terms available.  Please ask the Office Manage/Billing Manager for details regarding insurance/payment/financing options.  BOTTOM LINE:  NO PATIENT SHOULD EVER HAVE TO DECLINE THE HEALTHCARE THEY NEED BECAUSE OF FINANCES.