Carolina Occupational Therapy Hand & Upper Extremity Rehabilitation

Pre-COVID19, COTHUE was a very active clinical site for those seeking observation hours needed to fulfill requirements for application to Occupational Therapy school.  It was not unusual for there to be several students coming in for a few hours each week during the course of a semester to accumulate needed hours.  With CV19, that all stopped (with the exception of OT Fieldwork students) due to the need to minimize the number of people in the clinic area.  Given the new Delta variant and the uptick in cases over the summer of 2021, we remain unable to host multiple student observers.  HOWEVER....

Two years ago, we took a vacant OT Technician position and implemented the COTHUE Student OT Technician Program.  Every semester, we select a couple of people who, after acceptance to the program, are trained as student technicians and work part-time (8-20 hours a week) in the clinic for 3 months while simultaneously earning their observation hours.  They are paid positions.  Upon successful completion of the internship, one of the clinic OTs will provide references/ recommendation letters needed to apply to OT school.  Some students have gone beyond the 3 months (lived locally and continued their internships into the summer).  Since the inception of the program, 7 participants in the program have been accepted into and are currently in OT school.

The application process is easy.  Simply contact the program coordinator (Mike Kachman, OTR/L, CHT) via email at and put in the subject line "SOTT Program".  Interested applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview.  We usually accept 2-3 students per semester.  it's a great way to learn about OT, get your observation hours make a little money, and get a recommendation letter!!!!